Authentic air-dried hams from Savoy

Selection of heavy french hams to provide large and nice slices. Lightly salted by hand.
Long maturing at altitude at the foot of Mont-Blanc

  • Air-dried hams - (Out of fridge)

    Many air-dried ham products can be stored outside the fridge to optimise pleasure purchases thanks to the developing fragrances. All products can be hung for attractive presentation resulting in impulse buying.
    • 2072 - Petites tranches été Small slices 2*100g Half slices :  ideal format to meet every desire (Aperitif, Tapas, Salat, Sandwich, Raclette, Melone)
    • 4800 - Jbon avec os Nature 2016 Ham from Savoy 5 kg Authentic air-dried ham from Savoy matured at least 7 months. Also available in gift box with holder and knife for Christmas  
    • demi jambon ½ ham from Savoy ~2.5kg 9 months matured. Vacuum pack with string netting
    • quart jambon 1/4 ham from Savoy ~2.5kg 9 months matured. Vacuum pack with string netting. Also available smoked
    • 195 - Noix de Jambon Nature Nub of ham, plain in whole or ½ piece Made with « Noix patissière » fillet at the heart of the ham, a lean meat, tender and refined.  
Le saviez-vous ?
What is an authentic air-dried ham from Savoy ?
A superior quality ham is an air-dried ham weighing at least 10 up to 12 Kg before salting. Its production cycle lasts 210 to 270 days. Henri Raffin's authentic air-dried Savoy hams are prepared from chosen pork. All meats are fresh and selected according to extremely strict procedures.

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Freshly packed
Freshly packed