In a world on the move, we are always imagining, creating and reinventing to provide the best of our products on the market.

Alexandre Ongaro

Our aim

Our aim is to be at the forefront of quality, food safety, naturalness and authenticity in all our products.
They are made and developed in-house in our research and development workshop. Our Master Chef (at right) is our guarantor and product man.
Our creative dynamic promotes the development of tasty, healthy recipes made from natural ingredients. At the beginning of the product process, the choice of meats and spices is one of our priorities.

Inspired by major trends

Research is guided by expectations in terms of nutrition, practicality and new tastes.
Our projects are focused on:

  • Terroir, authenticity, grandmother recipes from yesteryear
  • Home-made
  • Naturalness
  • Nutritional balance

See creativity as everyone’s business

Creativity concerns all of our employees at Henri Raffin, not just our Master Chef. We are all involved in this creative dynamic.