We want to focus our investments on sustainable and responsible development.
Our principles are based on everyone’s honesty, loyalty and responsibility within the context of their work and their mission.
This helps create a fair and equitable work environment, through the promotion of best practices, a healthy dynamic and respect for everyone.

Sustainable and responsible challenges for Henri Raffin

1. Procurement

Collaborate closely and lastingly with our suppliers, to ensure reliable and responsible supplies.
Over 60% of our turnover is dedicated to purchasing. Henri Raffin works with nearly 300 suppliers.
The Henri Raffin company generates many indirect jobs.

2. Production

See employees as the company’s primary source of wealth to guarantee irreproachable quality in products and services. A very important sum is invested every year in:

  • staff training
  • work safety and work conditions
  • reducing consumption of direct energy and water
  • training our quality department about environmental issues: we have an organic treatment plant for our wastewater
  • reducing our plastic waste and boxes which are sorted and repurposed
  • supporting local charities

Henri Raffin has always supported the joint business and community project. The objective of this approach is to go even further by including social and environmental concerns.

We are strengthening this year our eco-responsible policy by installing solar panels, which enable to cover around 20% of our consumption.

3. Logistics

Work with our transport service providers towards reliable and high performing logistics.
Our logistics service rating is 99.5%.
Our traceability system for every ingredient is guaranteed, right down to the end-product.
We are IFS certified, higher level.

4. Sales

Be a reliable partner
The Henri Raffin and Le Galibier brands are ranked 3rd on the French dry sausage market (source: NIELSEN panel data – fixed weight dry sausages CAM P8 2017 in supermarkets outside PROXY and HD)
In the Rhône-Alpes region, we are the leading operator on the dry sausage market (source: Nielsen panel data – IV East region P8 2017)

5. Consumers

Our objective is to be the frontrunner in terms of quality and food safety: we want to offer tasty and safe products.

6. Packaging end-of-life

Be environmentally responsible and facilitate packaging recycling.
100% of our plastic or cardboard waste is recycled.
Use of recycled card or plastic in all our packaging. Since 2010, the weight of our plastic containers has been reduced by 10%. That means several tons of packaging less on the market every year, between 2010 and 2018.
Henri Raffin has a long-term vision. We will continue to strengthen our supply chain, privilege investments for responsible and sustainable development, continue to work on the naturalness of our products, explore and conquer new markets and invent new recipes…