Henri Raffin

Dedicated to self-service

Under this brand, Henri Raffin continues the tradition to offer the best traditional charcuterie from Savoy dedicated to self-service.



For delicounter and freshly packed

Galibier is a complete range of traditional charcuterie for the delicounter and freshly packed. Découvrir

Les fermes d’Henri

Specialities of France

More than brand, is a concept launched according to our « freshly packed » strategy to offer the main specialities from different regions of France: Ardèche, Savoie, Pays-Basque, Lyon, Auvergne


Le petit savoyard

Developed for self-service, especially in mountain resorts

This brand has a large selection of salamis and slices, especially developed for delicatessen and small supermarkets in mountain resorts. Le Petit Savoyard is also appreciated on the export market, by wholesalers, who are looking for a brand different from supermarkets.


Chalet des Alpes

Exclusivity of the traditional distribution channels (butchery, regional products…).

This is a brand of quality products for delicatessen in mountain resorts. Very traditional, without any indication of ingredients and a minimalist design.