• 1.Careful selection of our meats

    Henri Raffin selects quality fresh meats and natural ingredients in order to guarantee a range of high quality products. Our salamis are made of fresh meat -no frozen-. This short time between slaughtering and process warrants the nutritional and the taste qualities. According to the range of products we have developed, we have selected different pig industries: organic, French pork, with European origin. Our suppliers are involved in pork breeding with 100% cereal feed and limitation of medical treatment.
  • 2.Mincing of meats & Seasoning

    The fresh meats are minced depending on the particular nature of the salami. Coarsely minced meat for old-fashioned salamis, a finer mincing for a rosette salami… This mix is then seasoned with salt, pepper and selected spices, in order to reveal all the flavors of the salami. This mix is called “mêlée
  • 3.Stuffing of salamis

    This is the trickiest part of the salami manufacturing: the operators stuff the meat mix “mêlée” into natural casings.
  • 4.Steaming of salamis

    In this step, the salamis will be steamed for approximately 1 week with progressing temperature in order to bind the meats.
  • 5.Drying process of salamis

    During their drying process between +10°C and +14°C for more than 4 weeks, depending on their weight, the salamis develop their full aroma, together with the natural white mould (edible). A salami can lose up to 50% of its weight in water between stuffing and the end of the drying process.