• Matières premières rigoureusement sélectionnées

    1.Carefully selected fresh meats

    The selection of our meats remains one of the fundamental aspects of the Henri Raffin quality charter. All of our raw materials are chosen according to precise specifications and solid partnerships with breeders and slaughterhouses.
  • 2.Controlled traceability

    Our traceability system is organized via our HACCP plan and is computerized. Each finished product is identified by a batch number from receipt of the fresh meat up to delivery to the distributor. This represents the traceability of the product.
  • Contrôle qualité exigeant - IFS

    3.An exigent quality control

    Each product is followed and controlled, all along the manufacturing process according to extremely strict procedures. This requirement allows us to be IFS version 6 certified. This certification is an acknowledgement of our capacity to guarantee quality charcuterie.
  • 4.A committed & qualified staff

    Our production teams are committed and qualified in the control of risks, the respect of hygiene rules and traceability. It is a real company dynamic which allows us to progress in our entire organization.
  • 5.Listening to our consumers

    Always striving to satisfy you, our quality service personally deals with all consumer demands.Contact form >