Founded in 1937, Henri Raffin is located at La Rochette, in the Savoy region. Our traditional specialities are the result of more than 80 years of know-how. Henri Raffin offers quality charcuterie made of fresh and carefully chosen meats.

Traditional recipes and long maturing process in the heart of the Alps contribute to product quality with unique character.

Thanks to our successful development, we are today a major supplier in charcuterie. (French dry sausages : saucissons, air-dried hams, savoy sausages, terrines)

Henri Raffin and his terroir brands:3rd contributor
on the national dry sausage market and 1st in the East IV region**
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Galibier : the first brand of dry sausage without packaging.
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*Source: NIELSEN data fixed weight sausage - MAT 2018 in supermarkets excl. PROXY and Catering
**Source: NIELSEN data value - MAT 2018 in supermarkets excl. PROXY and Catering